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Hire a Data Scientist for $1,000 /mo.

Ph.D. Data Scientists that help you with anything from data analysis and visualizations to building cutting edge AI models.

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Is hiring a data scientist the right move for you?

Growing Data

Has your data grown to a point where basic Excel analysis isn't enough to help you make business decisions?

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Growing Needs

Do you find it hard to recruit, manage and justify the high costs to hire an in-house data scientist?

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Growing Confusion

Are you overwhelmed by all the information out there and find it difficult to understand where to start with AI and data science?

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what is possible

Data scientists that turn AI into ROI

Data Prep & Cleaning

Everything from merging datasets to becoming your AI-ready, we got you covered.

AI Model Building

No matter your use case, we support all models incl. Classification, Regression, Time Series, etc.

Foundation Models

Wondering how modern breakthroughs like GPT-3 can work for you? We're here to help.

Data Science Consulting

There's a lot of noise out there about AI. Sometimes all you need is just the right guidance.

How it works

Seamless. Fast. Reliable.

Match with a DS who is the best fit for you
Use Slack / our portal to make and track requests
Unlimited revisions get you the results you want
Cutting edge AI models, delivered to you in days
Success stories

Delivering reliable, cutting edge AI everyday

“We process 20,000 loan applications every month by hand and wanted to build an AI that helps us automate the underwriting process. With the data scientist we went from raw data to deployed AI models in 2 days! They are by far the best team we have ever worked with."

Namra Parikh
Director of Technology at Creditt

“Working with the OBVms team was the best decision we made. Our data scientist helped us build an AI model to predict and combat churn. This AI model saves us $70K each year! On top of that our data scientist also became familiar with our market and is a vital part of our team."

Michael Hauge
CEO at Learning Leaders
your Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get all the time, rest assured, you're in good hands!

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What are the qualifications of the data scientist?

All of our data scientists come with a Masters / Ph.D. degree in Statistics, AI or Data Science.

Where are the data scientists based?

Our data scientists are based all over the world incl. countries like US, Denmark, India, Philippines, Egypt, Canada, etc. We will pair you with a data scientist that best meets your needs.

How can you offer data scientists at this rate?

Our data scientists are trained to use our proprietary software to conduct all data science tasks. This enables them to deliver results in days (that otherwise take months) and enables us to deliver service at a cost that makes sense for you.

What about data security?

Our proprietary software is fully compliant with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and GDPR standards. Our data scientists conduct all of their data science tasks in the proprietary software which is hosted on a secure environment. This enables us to be compliant as well as ensure that your data stays confidential.

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